LevelUp Football Camp

In conjunction with Europe’s Elite we are proud to announce our second Level Up Camp presented by Wilson that will take place July 15-20 in Vienna, Austria. This Camp will be a five day event for players age 8-19. Last year our guest coaches were Philadelphia Eagles coach Chris Wilson, Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Skyler Fulton, Los Angeles Chargers coach Rip Scherer and 2 time super bowl champion lineman Caylin Hauptmann.

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English Through Sports

Our English through sports program provides kids with a fun and dynamic way of learning the english language. We offer group and individual sessions for all ages and skill levels.

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Go4it Lifestyle

Go4it offers seminars for kids and adults that cover a multitude of topics from health, nutrution, meditation, self empowerment and other topics aimed at providing access to a healthy lifestlye.

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Girl Power

Girl Power is a movement created to provide women and girls of all ages multiple platforms and activities that will cultivate a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

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