Join Go4it Sports every Tuesday & Thursday starting September 22nd 15:30-17:00 at the ASKÖ Ballsport Center Bernoullistrasse 7-9, 1220, Vienna, Austria. Kids have have the option of playing American Football, Basketball or Acrobatics. Kids may choose one sport or participate in each sport.


Sports Offered

Go4it will teach kids a new team sport daily while also allowing kids to choose what they have most intrest in during our free play time.


Kids in the basketball group will recieve coaching from our former pfofessional players to enhance skill development. players will also live scrimmage each session.

American Football

Kids have the option of playing American football with our former professional coaches that bring over 2o years of experience.


Kids will learn and from one of the worlds best acrobatic coaches in Yahya James, founder of the BrooklynZoo gym in New York City. Kids will learn the basics and develop as their skill allows them.


Our program will take Place At the ASKÖ BallSport Center Bernoullistrasse. Football, Basketball, and Acrobatics Will all have their own seperate space to practice.

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