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Certified Teachers

Our teachers are university graduates and professional athletes with great command of the english language.

Active Education

Go4it combines learning & sport to provide a one of a kind experience that will leave a lasting impression.

Sports & Education

Go4it Sports Assist Student athletes with the hopes of playing sports and studying abroad..

Fit Sport Austria

Go4it Sports is an offical member of Fit Sport Austria, which aims to increse kids playing sports.

Welcome to Go4it Sports!

Go4it Sports was founded in Vienna, Austria in April of 2011 with the goal of "uplifting kids and communities through sports". Go4It was founded on the principal that sports is the most powerful catalyst to reach across all social, economical, geographic, racial dichotomies. With this Principal Go4it Sports plans to have a international influence on communities throughout the world by becoming a internal part of establishing the "4 steps of foundation" of team sports on a personal and community level.

Go4it sports host various events throughout communities such as speed and explosion camps, 7 0n 7 passing tournaments, Lineman challenges, 3 0n 3, AAU basketball tournaments, youth all-star games and many more.

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What We Offer

Go4it Sports Launched its "English Through Sports" program that provides students with and active and engaging way to learn the english language. Go4it Sports has partnered with the Language Institute of the Americas(LIOTA) to provided TOELF certified language tutors to students and athletes looking to better themselves with the english language.

Safety First

Go4it Sports #1 priority with each child is a safe and friendly enviorment to play.

Regular Classes

Go4it offers weekly classes for kids, with the option to participate anyday of the week.

Certified Teachers

Go4it teachers are certified by Fit Sport Austria and First Aid.

ASKO Member

Go4it Sports is an offical partner of the Natinal sport Verband ASKO.

Creative Lessons

Go4it created a unique learning program for kids to easily learn the english language.

Sports Facilities

Go4it Classes and camps are always hosted at the world class locations.

We're more than a club, We are a family!

Go4it Sports offers provides a family atmosphere that each child feels included in all activites.

Certified Teachers

All teachers have been certified by Fit Sport Austria.

Alonzo Barrett

Founder & President

I am here to build the confidence and self esteem of the youth of today.

Marcus Burtton

English Teacher

I am here to bring joy to young athletes worldwide.

Shawn Ray


Be Great!.

Sabine Krakora

Director of Administration

I am an ambitious workaholic, but apart from that, pretty simple person.

Our Courses

Go4it has a variety of classes for all ages and levels to choose from.


Fridays: 15:00 - 17:00

Go4it Sports hat ein neues Programm gestartet, mit dem Kinder das ganze Jahr über mehrere Mannschaftssportarten ausüben können. Die Kinder lernen, Flag Football, Basketball, Baseball und Leichtathletik zu spielen


Saturdays: 11:00 - 13:00

Lerne die Grundlagen von Flag Football von einem ehemaligen Profi Footballer aus Amerika und spiele im Go4it Flag Football-Team

Volksschule Rzehakgasse

Mondays: 17:00 - 16:30

Go4it Sports hat ein neues Programm gestartet, mit dem Kinder das ganze Jahr über mehrere Mannschaftssportarten ausüben können. Die Kinder lernen, Flag Football, Basketball, Baseball und Leichtathletik zu spielen

Volksshule Corneliugasse

Tuesdays: 17:30 - 18:30

Join us for multi sport where kids learn Flag football, Basketball, And Baseball.

9 Years of Experience

Go4it it sports has been helping kids world-wide for over 9 years, with many more to come!

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0 Successful Kids
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0 nationalities served

What Parents Say About Us

Separated they live in. A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia. It is a paradisematic country

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Sign up for one of our courses today, all ages and levels welcome.

Our Pricing

Go4it has a number of options for you to choose from!


125 Euro / 5mos

Jugendprogramme kommt mit 16 Lektionen die an einem Tag stattfinden. 40% Rabatt für Geschwister..

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Multi Sport

225 Euro / 5mos

Deckt die Zahlungen für dein Kind um flag Football, Basketball und Leicht Athletik.

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275 Euro / 5mos

Go4it Sports MVP Packet erlaubt alle member Eintritt in alle Go4it Events Jährlich.

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Group Price

30 Euro / 5mos

Mindestteilnehmerzahl sind 5 Kinder. Bei mehr als 15 Teilnehmer/innen, an einem Austragungsort , gibt es einen Gruppentarif von 20€ pro Kind für 10 Einheiten.

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Go4it News

April 2020

LevelUp Mexico Camp

Go4it Sports will be hosting our first LevelUp Camp in Merida, Mexico. This will be a one day free camp for kids aged 5-18.

13th-18th July 2020

LevelUp American Sports Camp

LevelUp American Sports Camp is a progressive sport, language and leadership development camp for kids aged 3-18 that includes the following: Sport specfic training, College Entrance Seminar, Daily Life Skills Course, English lessons, SAT/ACT seminar, filmed practices and evaluation, and a live match on the last day of camp.

6th-10th July 2020

Level Up American Football Camp

LevelUp American Sports Camp will take place July 6th - 10th in Ferney-Voltaire, France(Geneva). This Camp will be a five day English Immersion Camp event for kids age 3-18. Last year our guest coaches were Philadelphia Eagles coach Chris Wilson, Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Skyler Fulton, Los Angeles Chargers coach Rip Scherer and 2 time super bowl champion lineman Caylin Hauptmann. .